Children’s Music Classes

Wednesdays at Somerfield Community Centre
47 Studholme Street

$110.00 per term

Term starts July 24

Through group music making, and playful games that children love, students develop musical skill, understanding and literacy.

This sequential approach develops children’s musicianship and confidence, developing skills that will transfer to any instrument. Kodály students become strong readers, excellent singers, with well developed aural, coordination and memory skills and a lifelong passion for music.

Children’s music classes are opportunities for caregivers to learn alongside their children, and adults are warmly invited to join in.

kea music class

Kea: 5 – 6 years old

Wednesdays: 3:45pm – 4:15pm
Somerfield Community Centre
47 Studholme Street

kotare music class

Kotāre: 7 – 9 yrs

Wednesdays: 4.30pm – 5.00pm
Somerfield Community Centre
47 Studholme Street

discovering how many sounds on a beat kahu music class

Kāhu: 10 and over

Wednesdays: 5.15pm – 5.45pm
Somerfield Community Centre
47 Studholme Street

Advanced big kids class

For those wishing to join the advanced class on Fridays, please contact us to discuss.

Why The Kodály Approach
Kodaly inspired teaching is based on structured and sequential learning while giving children an engaging, joyful experience of music. Through singing games and rhymes, with and without instruments, in the hands of a skilful teacher, children develop fluency and confidence that enables them to be lifelong, extremely confident and competent musicians.

When children just learn music through instrumental studies, it is common that some areas are not well developed, depending on the approaches and training of each teacher. Often there is an emphasis on the technicalities of that particular instrument, or an emphasis on learning to read, but only in relation to that instrument.

Ideally, young children would develop extensive musical skills before specialising in a particular instrument, but the Kodály approach will also enhance the learning for those already playing. It’s also important for every musician to develop strong vocal and aural skills, along with developing their proficiency on a particular instrument.

A good Kodály trained teacher will extend each student in the class, through fun, challenging activities.

About The Tutor

Nikki Berry

Nikki Berry is a choral director, composer and passionate music educator with over thirty years experience.

Last year Nikki completed her three year Australian Kodály certificate training, (Primary) and has also received Kodály training for teaching Secondary students and for early childhood. She studied music education at Waikato, with an emphasis on the Orff approach, while completing two levels of Orff training before catching the Kodály bug! Nikki studied the Estill method of vocal production and runs our choirs, musicianship classes and Reclaim Your Voice courses.